Red is the New Black

Beautiful shades of red.

Yes, we said it before, red is back and red is the new black.  Seen all over the fashion runways for Fall 2016 looks, check some of looks out. ETOnline is giving us some great inspo.

Best way to add it to your ‘drobe, can be for day or night.  The good news, you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to pull together some hot options. 

Our Helmut Lang dress is a great pick with cool versatility. 

Pop this dress’ collar and throw on your favorite low heel shoe for a youthful fun look or add a high heel for a more pulled together polished look.

Helmut Lang Rust Shift Dress - Size 4
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If you don’t want to be totally red, our Narciso Rodriguez color block dress is another option. 

Narciso Rodriguez Ponte colorblock Empire Dress - Sz M
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Two great picks to bring you right into this season’s trend.


Why buy second hand clothing.

Shop resale

If you don't already shop resale, here are 7 reasons to start. 

So, you ask your yourself, why buy second hand clothing. Besides the most obvious reason, that it's cheaper than buying new, there are several reasons buying your clothes on the resale market is a better option.

1. It's environmentally friendly.
The clothing industry creates a shocking amount of pollution. Harvesting raw materials, producing the fabric, assembling the final product, running each factory, and transportation from all these different sites to the final destination all takes enormous amounts of resources.

2. There's greater variety. 
Online resale stores are able to stock items in a wide variety of styles, brands, and colors – far more than your typical department or upscale clothing store. Instead of walking by rows and rows of the same item in the same size, you can search through lots of completely different items. 

3. You can find your favorites.
Related to the previous point, because resale stores often carry clothing from the past few years you can often find your favorite styles in like-new condition at pre-owned prices. If you've damaged your favorite blouse, but it's no longer sold in stores, don't despair. Check out an online resale clothing store instead.

4. You can own more for the same price.
If you had budgeted $500 for a brand new wardrobe, buying pre-owned will allow you to triple the number of clothes you could buy with the same amount. Potentially, you could spend on clothing for the entire year what you would normally spend in one season. If you like your closet full of variety, you can get more of different articles of clothing, each of them at a higher quality than you'd otherwise be able to.

5. It's more ethical.
The uncomfortable truth is that many clothing manufacturers employ workers under poor conditions, sometimes to such an extreme that first world countries would consider it near slavery. While there are few ways to help, the ways we can help are significant. By buying pre-owned, you're dramatically decreasing the demand for new clothing.

6. They're often just as new as off-the-rack.
People who have never bought pre-owned clothing don't always realize that much of what's considered “used” had never actually been used. Even local thrift stores tend to have a fair amount of clothing that still has the original tags. Quality online retailers take this one step further by carefully inspecting each piece before listing it for sale.      

Most items have only been worn once or twice – about as many times a garment in a store has been tried on in the dressing room. So, like a car that's been driven a foot off of the lot, many pre-owned clothes are new in every aspect except name.  

7. You're supporting a small business.
Instead of leaving your money with a multi-billion dollar company, you're spending it at a small business. Resale retail stores are often run by an individual or small group of employees. Rather than supporting an unethical group of investors and owners making their fortune by exploiting others, you can support an honest, hard-working entrepreneur.

Fashion and Travel, two of my favorite things.

Yep, Fashion and Travel, I love 'em both. As a lover of style and a passion for travel - I am constantly being asked how I do it, how do I have such an ever changing wardrobe and travel as often as I do? Here is my answer: It starts with a yearning desire. I get fixated over what I am interested in and I come up with a way to have both. I realized you can have nice clothes without breaking the bank and any extra will go toward travel experiences. Some people love to plan a year and day to get on a plane and head somewhere.

I, on the other hand consume myself with where I can head to next. Having something to look forward to thrills me. Naturally, my mind is curious and when ideas enter my head, I figure out how I can make those opportunities a reality. That, my friends, is how I have always been, an optimistic soul, a glass half-full type of gal. I am naturally a seeker of new ventures.

The seemingly impossible, is possible and then the game turns in to how to set up the play. In my world, you can have it all even when you don’t have or don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I discovered that I live by this principle: How can I make whatever I’m passionate about feasible and tangible? My next stop… Dubai. Yes, the United Arab Emirates people, and it was incredible. I photo-journaled my trip...see how I rocked my 925.Style.

I must say, if you ever contemplated a new place to try, definitely consider the UAE. My friends and I pooled together and we were on our way. The trip was a combination of tours and venturing off on our own. Not once did we feel unsafe, we learned in-fact that crime is rare and it's quite safe.

The culture appears traditional yet the industrial-complex is ultra-modern. The people speak English and you can dress however you like (as you can see from my travel fashions) with the exception of the mosques. Everything is grand but accessible at the same time, even affordable. I would go back in a heartbeat. As always, check 925.Style often for new items, we keep our prices low so you can put your money toward your favorite things and look good while at it.

Add value to your dollars in travel.

925.Style is a lifestyle. And travel is something we love to enjoy. The NY Times Travel Show was in town and of course we had to attend. If you love to travel, attending the New York Times Travel Show is a must attend. Below are 5 things you get out of attending this year’s (2016) New York Times Travel Show and add value to your dollars in travel.

  • Promotional Rates. One of the great travel opportunities we found was for the Spa Eastman. Spa Eastman is located in Quebec, Canada (1 hour away from Montreal).  Quebec is a mere 7-hour drive or 1-hour flight from New York. Spa Eastman offers an amazing rate at as low as $1,024 for 2 people for 3 nights, 4 days and that includes meals, exercise activities and resort amenities.  We checked online and noticed a consistent 4 - 4.5 star rating.  Now come on, for an estimated $500/pp, for an all-inclusive retreat weekend, not far from home, we agree that is a deal and well worth the promotional rate. Perfect option for a girlfriend or couple getaway.

  • Information/Seminars. While there were countless seminars going on, I visited several and each were invaluable in terms of education and information.  If you are an avid traveler, stop by the seminar floor and sit in a few, it will be well worth your time and effort. You might find inspiration for your next travel venture or get answers to questions that held you back from booking your next vacation. Also, new products and services are always featured at trade shows.  If you like modern day conveniences, you will definitely find several products and services here.

  • Goodie Bags. Goodie Bags seem to be the standard at any fine event.  Receiving one always gives that added touch of something special.  Included in this year’s bag were some promotional pamphlets and magazines offering discounts and travel options, as well as practical trinkets you can use casually.  You will receive your Goodie Bag at the check-in.

  • Raffles and giveaways. There are raffles everywhere (free), from winning small items like pens and can openers, travel stays and even cash prizes, as much as $500,000, most of which will be drawn at the end of the show (January 10, 2016.)  The space is huge, so definitely walk around.  There are a myriad of giveaways and opportunities.

  • Food and Drinks.  Yes, for sure, while you’re strolling around you will come across some delicious drinks (Puerto Rico booths) and snacks and other food along the way.  Food and drinks always gets me.

Behind the scenes

DVR Photography were the photographers of choice for this photoshoot session. So flexible and easy to work with, DVR fully understood our direction and applied their expertise and experience when necessary to give us the ultimate outcome.

Featured in the garments are models, Lindsay and Samantha. Our models average in height of 5'8 and 6' tall, with and without heels. We opted for streamline poses to highlight just the garment and then gave them creative license to showcase each garment's stylish flare, wearability and comfortability for the ultimate depiction of everyday wear and awesome outfit pick.

Our complete production team worked tirelessly but had a blast. Directing this shoot was super fun.