Add value to your dollars in travel.

925.Style is a lifestyle. And travel is something we love to enjoy. The NY Times Travel Show was in town and of course we had to attend. If you love to travel, attending the New York Times Travel Show is a must attend. Below are 5 things you get out of attending this year’s (2016) New York Times Travel Show and add value to your dollars in travel.

  • Promotional Rates. One of the great travel opportunities we found was for the Spa Eastman. Spa Eastman is located in Quebec, Canada (1 hour away from Montreal).  Quebec is a mere 7-hour drive or 1-hour flight from New York. Spa Eastman offers an amazing rate at as low as $1,024 for 2 people for 3 nights, 4 days and that includes meals, exercise activities and resort amenities.  We checked online and noticed a consistent 4 - 4.5 star rating.  Now come on, for an estimated $500/pp, for an all-inclusive retreat weekend, not far from home, we agree that is a deal and well worth the promotional rate. Perfect option for a girlfriend or couple getaway.

  • Information/Seminars. While there were countless seminars going on, I visited several and each were invaluable in terms of education and information.  If you are an avid traveler, stop by the seminar floor and sit in a few, it will be well worth your time and effort. You might find inspiration for your next travel venture or get answers to questions that held you back from booking your next vacation. Also, new products and services are always featured at trade shows.  If you like modern day conveniences, you will definitely find several products and services here.

  • Goodie Bags. Goodie Bags seem to be the standard at any fine event.  Receiving one always gives that added touch of something special.  Included in this year’s bag were some promotional pamphlets and magazines offering discounts and travel options, as well as practical trinkets you can use casually.  You will receive your Goodie Bag at the check-in.

  • Raffles and giveaways. There are raffles everywhere (free), from winning small items like pens and can openers, travel stays and even cash prizes, as much as $500,000, most of which will be drawn at the end of the show (January 10, 2016.)  The space is huge, so definitely walk around.  There are a myriad of giveaways and opportunities.

  • Food and Drinks.  Yes, for sure, while you’re strolling around you will come across some delicious drinks (Puerto Rico booths) and snacks and other food along the way.  Food and drinks always gets me.