Why buy second hand clothing.

Shop resale

If you don't already shop resale, here are 7 reasons to start. 

So, you ask your yourself, why buy second hand clothing. Besides the most obvious reason, that it's cheaper than buying new, there are several reasons buying your clothes on the resale market is a better option.

1. It's environmentally friendly.
The clothing industry creates a shocking amount of pollution. Harvesting raw materials, producing the fabric, assembling the final product, running each factory, and transportation from all these different sites to the final destination all takes enormous amounts of resources.

2. There's greater variety. 
Online resale stores are able to stock items in a wide variety of styles, brands, and colors – far more than your typical department or upscale clothing store. Instead of walking by rows and rows of the same item in the same size, you can search through lots of completely different items. 

3. You can find your favorites.
Related to the previous point, because resale stores often carry clothing from the past few years you can often find your favorite styles in like-new condition at pre-owned prices. If you've damaged your favorite blouse, but it's no longer sold in stores, don't despair. Check out an online resale clothing store instead.

4. You can own more for the same price.
If you had budgeted $500 for a brand new wardrobe, buying pre-owned will allow you to triple the number of clothes you could buy with the same amount. Potentially, you could spend on clothing for the entire year what you would normally spend in one season. If you like your closet full of variety, you can get more of different articles of clothing, each of them at a higher quality than you'd otherwise be able to.

5. It's more ethical.
The uncomfortable truth is that many clothing manufacturers employ workers under poor conditions, sometimes to such an extreme that first world countries would consider it near slavery. While there are few ways to help, the ways we can help are significant. By buying pre-owned, you're dramatically decreasing the demand for new clothing.

6. They're often just as new as off-the-rack.
People who have never bought pre-owned clothing don't always realize that much of what's considered “used” had never actually been used. Even local thrift stores tend to have a fair amount of clothing that still has the original tags. Quality online retailers take this one step further by carefully inspecting each piece before listing it for sale.      

Most items have only been worn once or twice – about as many times a garment in a store has been tried on in the dressing room. So, like a car that's been driven a foot off of the lot, many pre-owned clothes are new in every aspect except name.  

7. You're supporting a small business.
Instead of leaving your money with a multi-billion dollar company, you're spending it at a small business. Resale retail stores are often run by an individual or small group of employees. Rather than supporting an unethical group of investors and owners making their fortune by exploiting others, you can support an honest, hard-working entrepreneur.