Is a capsule wardrobe a lifestyle for you?

Okay, so, like a lot of women, I love having an endless option of clothes in my closet, usually because I don’t like wearing the same things too often. Picking out my outfit for the day can be extremely time-consuming. The thing is I get bored easily. I do realize, like anything else, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal. I go in and out of evaluating my stock of clothes and too much stuff just equals more stuff to store and ultimately manage. If you are anything like me, you might want to consider starting a capsule wardrobe but don’t necessarily know where to start when selecting the capsule wardrobe essentials.

The start of a new year usually gets you evaluating and considering pairing down. Keeping it real, not all girls like to shop and some even rather spend their time doing more productive things other than shopping and trying to find clothes that fit them well. That does not mean you don’t want to be cute though.  So, if you’re considering changing your entire perspective on this whole wardrobe thing, a good place to start would be with a winter capsule wardrobe. Sure, you’ll have moments when you might want to indulge, but you may also have lost the urge to buy clothes all the time. Let’s face it, you rather spend your money on other things and your wallet will thank you.

Start by rethinking your stock and cutting back on shopping. Like anything else, there are many ways to this whole capsule wardrobe thing. Actually one basic gave me a few outfits. But first:

Things To Know:

  •  I work in a professional office all week long, so the only time I’m wearing jeans is on the weekends.

  • I live in New York so the winters can get pretty cold, but we also have 3 other seasons in the year and with a little creativity, you can easily expand on your capsule wardrobe picks into other seasons.

  • You do not need to follow a number rule for your capsule wardrobe, just choose pieces that will work with at least 3 other items.

Now, considering a capsule wardrobe is essentially a lifestyle and getting rid of all your clothes may not be so easy for you to do, start with establishing what you want the base of your wardrobe to look like. You can start with pieces that work year-round, then plan from there items that you’d want to incorporate.

If denim jeans are something you wear often, start out with a practical pair. Practicality will be crucial when working on pairing down to maximize your options. Deciding on those jeans, there are some factors to consider: length, style and comfortability. Okay, honestly, I am not necessarily ready for capsule wardrobe lifestyle, but I do think about it every now and again. Here is one pair of jeans three different ways that fit within the 3 factors. The length of jeans I gravitate to most are the jeans that fall at the ankle. I like my jeans to fit to the ankle (specifically below the ankle bone) the best because I like the way it looks with heels and sneakers. When factoring in the style, tapered has the most versatility, and they can be tucked into my favorite boots easily. Too much bulk tucked into boots can be quite uncomfortable throughout the day. Last but not least, comfortability. Too tight will leave you not wanting to wear them at all on the days you are feeling a little bloated and too loose will have you feeling frumpy.  Here’s one pair of jeans gave me a few weekend outfits.